Moondance Alexander - DVD

Moondance Alexander - DVD


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ISBN: DVMDAFormat: PALRated: GStarring: Don Johnson, Kay Panabaker, Lori LoughlinRunning Time: 90 MinsCountry of Origin: CanadaDirector: Michael DamianYear Published: 2007DVD Region: Region 4Age Group: Family
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This is a lovely family film ... one of my favourites to come out in quite a while.

After suffering the loss of her father, Moondance Alexander is having a hard time fitting in at school (what was her mother thinking calling her Moondance!!!). That is until the coloured pony Checkers comes along and saves the day.

She enters him in a jumping competition, something like a cross between a Working Hunter show class and a Junior Equitation class, where she grudgingly earns the respect of her fellow competitors.

The crusty owner of Checkers is a famous showjumper and trainer who has fallen on hard times played by the wonderful veteran actor, Don Johnson. Mums and dads will fondly remember him as being the king of cool in the 1980’s TV smash hit, Miami Vice. Moondance’s eccentric mum is played by another TV star Lori Loughlin, who co-starred in the very popular sitcom “Full House” the show that launched the phenomenal careers of Kate and Ashley Olsen. And of course there is the wonderful star of the show, Kate Panibaker , who at age 16 is already a very accomplished actor in her own right.

The story is based on scriptwriter Janeen Damien’s own coloured pony she owned as a child. When the real Chequers started jumping out of his paddock, Janeen also found a trainer willing to teach them to jump and take them all the way to the Memphis Hunter Classic.

The scenery is lovely and it’s beautifully filmed plus it’s so nice to have a happy ending with no tissues required for a change. One for the whole family to enjoy.

Jody xxxxxxxxx

Product Overview

Life is a rough ride for awkward, friendless, 15-year-old Moondance. But when a Pinto pony named Checkers leaps into her life, Moondance pursues a dream she never knew she had.

Convinced that Checkers has champion potential, she enters him the Bow Valley Classic and in the process learns only perseverance lands you in the winner's circle.

Moondance Alexander is an uplifting story the whole family will enjoy.

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