Lone Ranger, The - The Complete Second Season - DVDs

Lone Ranger, The - The Complete Second Season - DVDs
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ISBN: DVLRS2Format: DVDs x 4 (Black & white)Series: The Lone RangerRated: PGStarring: Clayton Moore & Jay SilverheelsRunning Time: 590 minsCountry of Origin: USADVD Region: PAL 4Age Group: Family

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The Lone Ranger Rides Again...Unmasking the wild west's most exciting stories! Includes: The original "The Lone Ranger" Opening.

Riding the range astride his powerful stallion, Silver, The Lone Ranger has dedicated his life to seeking out villainy and injustice throughout the Wild West.

Accompanied by his stalwart companion, Tonto, the Native American who saved his life, The Lone Ranger delivers his unique style of Western justice with heroic nobility.

Keeping his true identity secret, this mysterious masked man never seeks praise or recognition for his courageous good deeds, surviving ambushes and gunfights, protecting the honest, and always arriving in the nick of time!

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