Murder in Mind - Unabridged - Audio CDs

Murder in Mind - Unabridged - Audio CDs


Narrated by Jonathan Keeble.
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Code: LSISBN: 9781407416960Format: 9 CDsSeries: ThrillerAuthor: Stacey, LyndonAge Group: Adult
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Equitainment's Comments

This is the most recent book Lyndon Stacey has written and, after the long wait for it to be released, I certainly wasn't disappointed. This time a steeple-chasing murder thriller, like all Lyndon's books, it got me in right from the start and kept me guessing.

The end chase scene in this one is terrific, very fast and certainly got the heart-rate pumping until Matt escaped from the bad guy. I have to say, this hero was a bit tougher than some of the others. He wasn't going to be pushed into backing down by anyone, especially where his family and friends were concerned.

I have to say Lyndon's getting a bit tricker as she keeps writing ... I didn't pick the bad guy in this one for quite a while. Happy endings all around as always, and I'm glad to say, the dogs were not as neglected in this book as they have been in some of the others; more part of the family. The dog in Cut Throat really got the raw-end of the deal, and it took Tiger from Deadfall quite some time before he won favour.

Jody xxx

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Secrets Can Be Deadly...Sophie Bradford is pretty, blonde and an accomplished flirt. When her body is found dumped in a ditch on a lonely West Country road, Jamie Mullin is the prime suspect.

He was her latest boyfriend and they'd had a very public row just before she disappeared. Jamie protests his innocence but soon spirals into a breakdown fuelled by frustration, self pity and drink, and it is left to his friend, Matt Shephard, to fight his corner.

Can he find the truth behind what appears to be a motiveless murder? As Matt begins to uncover some dark secrets - secrets that someone will kill to protect - he soon learns that loyalty at all costs carries a lethal price...

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