Bridle Wise - HB (1949)


This is a USED, COLLECTABLE book. A terrific look at horsemanship from the early 20th century.
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Code: ULCSGFormat: Hard BackPages: 134Author: Goldschmidt, Lieut.-Colonel S. G.Age Group: AdultSize: 19 x 25
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This edition was published in 1949, it's in good pre-loved condition with some cover wear and no dust jacket. Pages are clean, slightly yellowed and tightly bound.

The Small Gymkhana consists of some diagrams and black & white pictures and published by H. F. & G. Witherby. London.

A terrific look at horsemanship from the early 20th century. It's most interesting and much is still relevant today

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Bridle Wise - A Key to Better Hunters - Better Ponies by Lieut.-Colonel S. G. Goldschmidt with plates by Lionel Edwards. Yellow cloth cover.

Since the First Edition of "Bridle Wise" appeared, riding has made great strides in one direction - there are thousands more riders...

This book propounds a system of equitation which has always appealed to English horsemen, and insists that balance and control in a saddle horse should be combined with the utmost freedom in forward movement. Control without freedom destroys pace and dash and is as pernicious as freedom without control, which is another way of saying that a horse is unbroken and out of hand.

The main principle I lay down is that a horse's general education - i.e., "bridle wisdom" - must precede his special education for hacking, hunting or polo.

Lots of diagrams, pictures and illustrations.

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