All Creatures Great and Small - The Specials - DVDs

All Creatures Great and Small - The Specials - DVDs
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Code: DVACGSSPISBN: 9397810149793Format: NTSCSeries: All Creatures Great and SmallRated: PGRunning Time: 185 minsCountry of Origin: EnglandAuthor: Wight, AlfDVD Region: 4

Equitainment's Comments

I hadn't seen the specials til now and I totally enjoyed them, they do bridge a gap and the car ride is hilarous in this and again Siegfried and Tristian always trying to get the better of each other. This whole series is definately a keeper for me to watch again and again.


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These two specials bridge the story between Series 3 and 4 based on James Herriot's best-selling novels, All Creatures Great and Small.

1983 SPECIAL - James returns to the Yourkshire Dales following his wartime service in the R.A.F. Though little has changed in the intervening six years, James finds it difficult to adjust to the peacetime routine and to friends and family who seem like strangers.

1985 SPECIAL - Siegfried waxes lyrical about the accelerating rate of scientific progress as James proceeds to plod along with tried and trusted remedies. How long can the practice and the surrounding countryside resist the oncoming tide of progress?

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