Polo in India - HB

Polo in India - HB
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ISBN: 9781845379131Format: Hard BackSeries: PoloPages: 185Author: Singh, JaisalAge Group: AdultSize: 31 x 31
1st Edition
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This is another beaut book!! Where Polo originated from, it has many huge photos both coloured and black & white that will really have you enthralled. A well thought out, book and a credit to India and the game of Polo.


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One of the oldest team sports known to man, among the fastest and most thrilling, polo has been played for centuries by kings and commoners alike.

It is India's contribution to the world of sport, as it was there that the game was discovered and thereafter spread across the globe.

This unique book tells the story of Indian polo from the earliest incarnation of the modern game in Manipur, India right up to the present day.

Written by polo player and commentator Jaisal Singh and supported by images from various private collections and international polo clubs and archives, this book is the only volume of its kind and a must for any devotee of this exhilarating sport.

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