Dream Horses Poster Book

Dream Horses Poster Book
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ISBN: 9781580175746Series: Poster BookAuthor: Burns, DeborahAge Group: All Ages

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I was lucky enough to recieve this book as a gift from a friend, she was moving house and bought a book for herself & me, and in her new house she had many walls to fill, she bought some frames, put some up on her walls and they look fantastic!!

At the moment its too nice to pull out the posters, but really they are too lovely just to hide either. I thank my friend for my book - love it.


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Shakespeare called them creatures of air and fire; Arabian breeders called them drinkers of the wind. Through the ages, horses have inhabited our dreams, our myths, and our art.

These pages celebrate the beauty and spirit of horses as captured by international equestrian photographer Bob Langrish. You'll find horses cantering through clouds, soaring on wings, plunging through moonlit surf...all on pull-out posters suitable for hanging.

Also included is a sampling of horse myths from Arabian, Celtic, Chinese, Greek, Native America and Medieval European cultures. Whether you love horses, are fascintaed by mythology, or simply appreciate fantasy art, you will be enchanted by this tribute to one of earth's most splendid animals.

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