Thrills and Spills 1 & 2 - DVD

Thrills and Spills 1 & 2 - DVD
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ISBN: DVT&SFormat: DVDSeries: Horse documentaryRated: E - Exempt from classificationRunning Time: Approx. 70 minsYear Published: 2003DVD Region: REGION 2 (UK PAL)Age Group: Adult

Equitainment's Comments

YES you will be thilled with seeing Milton, some wonderful show jumping, eventing and dressage, you will laugh at the horses and some of their antics in the water. You will also spend time cringing at most of the spills(humans and horses) - OUCH!!


Product Overview

Exclusively for DVD, Equestrian Vision has combined it's 2 most successful entertainment videos...From marvelling at the exploits of brilliant horses, like Milton and Bonfire, being a virtual steeplechase jockey to...

laughing yourself silly as rider after rider hits the dirt, this is entertainment of the highest order!

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