Memories of a Dirt Road Town

Memories of a Dirt Road Town
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Code: SB01ISBN: 978080543711Format: SoftcoverAuthor: Bly, StephenAge Group: Adult

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For Develyn Worrell, a fifth-grade teacher in central Indiana, it was to be a summer of reconciliation with her twenty-year-old daughter. But the sudden death of her ex-husband embitters her daughter against her.

Delaney tells her mother that her lack of forgiveness contributed to his heart attack.

Depressed at the thought of long summer alone, Develyn tosses a few things into her car and heads West to find an innocence and a life she had experienced on a vacation when she was ten.

In Memories of a Dirt Road Town, Develyn finds not only her past, but her present and her future as well. She discovers all of this in a paint mare, a quirky new girlfriend, three men who help her get her life in focus...and among the people of a dirt road town in central Wyoming.

With a growing trust that the Lord has been leading, she finds more than hope...she find peace, confidence, and acceptance.

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