Death of a Swagman - Audio Cassette

Death of a Swagman - Audio Cassette
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ISBN: 9781740300698Format: Cassette Tapes - 4Series: Inspector Napolean Bonaparte MysteryStarring: Read by Peter HoskingRunning Time: 7 hrs 30 minsCountry of Origin: AustraliaAuthor: Upfield, Arthur W.Age Group: Adult
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In an isolated hut not far from the sleepy country town of Merino, stockman George Kendall is found dead - and it looks very much like murder.

Six weeks later, when the murderer is still at large, another stockman turns up in the township and, as a first move provokes the local sergeant to lock him up.

This particular stockman is Detective-Inspector Napolean Bonaparte, and there's a method in his madness. While serving a semi-detention sentence and being made to paint the police station, he wears the best of all possible disguises for a policeman on the trail of a ruthless and single-minded killer.

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