A Leg At Each Corner - HB

A Leg At Each Corner - HB
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Code: THELISBN: 9780413774538Format: Hard BackSeries: Thelwell'sCountry of Origin: EnglandAuthor: Thelwell, NormanAge Group: Children and AdultSize: 13 x 20
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This series - Thelwell's books are TIMELESS and suitable for children and adults alike. They will make you laugh if it's your first time of reading these, to still making you laugh if you have seen and read these 100 times. Lots of illustrations on every page and hardly much writing at all.

Would be a great gift for someone that is sick in hospital as light reading, to a lovely gift for all ages except the tiny tots as a prezzie, or to someone wanting to collect Thelwell Books in Hardback Editions.


Product Overview

..."After years of careful study from a safe distance, Thelwell prepared this unique and comprehensive volume for the guidance of ambitious young equestrians. A Leg at Each Corner covers the whole field of equitation from how to...

...get a pony, to how to prevent one from getting you; from how to pull his tail to how to bandage your legs.

Books for horse lovers have been written before but most suffer from a serious defect - they are difficult to read on horseback. Not so this book. Thelwell's information is short and to the point, and each item is illustrated with deadly clarity. It is designed to be referred to in an emergency - at the walk, trot or canter, or from the depths of a blackthorn hedge."

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