Last Victory, The - DVD Region 1 (Sub-Titled)

Last Victory, The - DVD Region 1 (Sub-Titled)


INTERNATIONAL DVD. An ALL-REGION PLAYER may be required for the correct play-back of this DVD
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ISBN: HVE2973DVDFormat: DVDSeries: HorseracingRated: Not RatedStarring: Egidio Mecacci & Paolo RossiRunning Time: 90 mins.Director: John AppelYear Published: 2004DVD Region: 1 NTSCAge Group: Adult
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Siena's picturesque burnt orange buildings and olive green countryside are the setting for Tuscany's exhilarating Palio horse race - a sporting event that hearkens back to the Middle Ages.

The thunderous pounding, furiously paced, dangerous bareback race only lasts 80 seconds - but its conclusion brings either euphoric glory to its winner or abject gloom to the loser.

To its utter shame, the district of Civetta hasn't won the race in 23 years, yet this year the villagers, who have won by lottery a particularly prized horse, are consumed with escalating excitement at the thought of winning the event.

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