Lucky Horse + Driving Team

Lucky Horse + Driving Team


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Code: USC45ISBN: 9781740518451Format: SoftcoverSeries: Saddle ClubPages: 291Author: Bryant, BonnieAge Group: ChildrenSize: 13 x 19

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This Edition was published in 2003, it's in very good pre-loved condition with a hint of cover wear, all in all pages are clean, bright and tightly bound. Lucky Horse + Driving Team was published by Random House, Australia.

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WITH FRIENDS LIKE THE SADDLE CLUB, WHO NEEDS LUCK? Carole and her father are going camping. Carole's excited, but she'll miss her best friends, Stevie and Lisa, and her horse, Starlight.

Still, with Stevie and Lisa looking after Starlight, Carole knows he'll be fine. But Stevie and Lisa get so busy with Starlight that they forget their own less fortunate horses.

Meanwhile, Carole and her dad are having their own kind of luck - and it's bad. The fancy camping gear they brought with them is causing more trouble than it's worth. If they don't start having fun soon, the trip will be a total bust.

Maybe The Saddle Club needs a few four-leaf clovers to turn things around.

TEAMWORK MAY DRIVE THE SADDLE CLUB CRAZY! The Saddle Club is gearing up to learn all about driving - not cars, horses. Carole and Lisa are going to present a report on driving teams throughout history. The only problem is how to avoid turning their ten-minute talk into a ten-hour one.

Meanwhile, Stevie is facing her worst nightmare. Her riding instructor wants Stevie to work with Veronica diAngelo on a special driving project: teaching their horses to work as a team.

It's a great idea, but how are the horses going to work together if their owners can't? It will take more then teamwork to get through this project - it will take a miracle!

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