Horses of Gettysburg - DVD Region 1

Horses of Gettysburg - DVD Region 1


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ISBN: 15902Format: DVD - 2Series: The Minutes of HistoryRated: Not RatedStarring: Narrated by Ronald F. MaxwellRunning Time: 116 mins plus over 3 hrs of Additional FeaturesCountry of Origin: USADirector: Mark BusslerYear Published: 2006DVD Region: 1Age Group: Adult
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I was a bit dubious about watching this, I thought this might be one thats will go on and on and on, but I found it very interesting, not just the horses and the mules, but the men, the tactics as well. Somehow it brings it to life more than just reading about it and to see the actual places where it happened and the monuments that were made as reminder of the courageous humans and animals. Very good documentary! A lot of effort has gone into it.


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Horses of Gettysburg captures the relationship between soldiers and their horses during the Battle of Gettysburg and throughout the Civil War.

Filmed in high-definition, this feature-length cinematic documentary is filled with charging horses, period photographs and battlefield panoramas with no "talking heads".

Horses of Gettysburg celebrates the honour and courage of the 72, 000 horses and mules that fought in the historic battle.

Contains over three hours of personal interviews and additional documentaries that will entertain anyone who is passionate about horses or those who want to learn more about the Civil War.

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