Two Bits and Pepper - DVD

Two Bits and Pepper - DVD
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ISBN: DVTBPFormat: DVDSeries: Horse movieRated: PGStarring: Joe Piscopo, Lauren Eckstrom, Rachel Crane & Dennis WeaverRunning Time: 93 minsCountry of Origin: USADirector: Corey Michael EubanksYear Published: 1995DVD Region: 4Age Group: Family
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This movie is on par with The Adventures of Ragtime, you have children, bumbling dummies as criminals, a horse and pony that talk and go all out to help their two legged friends. I advise its not at all for tiny tots, the buffoons attempt to sweet talk kids into their car, and to the two girls the crims get very threatening at times.

You can't but help love Two Bits especially, he is such a handsome, sweet little fella. I would love to know how old Pepper was.


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A run for adventure becomes a brush with danger when best friends Tyler and Katie team up with two special ponies! When Tyler's mother refuses to allow her and Katie to ride the wonderful creatures, the two decide to go ahead anyways.

But when they are kidnapped by two criminals on the run from the FBI, their adventure quickly takes a turn for the worse. But Two Bits and Pepper won't let anything happen to their friends and soon the two ponies are hot on their tail!

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