The Belstone Fox - Region 2 DVD

The Belstone Fox - Region 2 DVD


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ISBN: DVBELFFormat: DVDSeries: FoxRated: PGStarring: Eric Porter, Jeremy Kemp, Bill Travers, Rachel Roberts, Heather Wright & Dennis WatermanRunning Time: Approx. 99 minsCountry of Origin: EnglandDirector: James HillYear Published: 1973DVD Region: 2Age Group: Family

Equitainment's Comments

This is the movie that Disney’s “The Fox and the Hound” is based on, however it isn’t suitable for children despite the PG rating. It’s a good movie with a big insight into the world of fox-hunting, however it's very violent. The people go splat, the foxes go splat and boy-oh-boy do the hounds ever go splat.

The strangest thing for me is that all the characters involved seem to be genuine animal lovers despite the cruelty of the sport.
Jody xxx

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Combining stunning imagery of wildlife and rural landscapes... Tag an orphan fox who is reared by Asher Smith with a litter of hound puppies, develops a close friendship with one of them - Merlin.

They play and run wild together, both learning each other's ways and although Merlin doesn't have the instinct for hunting foxes, when hunting season begins he is included in the pack.

For four seasons Tag manages to stay ahead of the pack, his crafty ways leading him to safety, but he is eventually cornered. With the pack close at his heels, he runs for a railway line.

He escapes, but an oncoming train ploughs through the pack causing many deaths and Asher knows Tag will have to die, as he will almost certainly try the same trick again...

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