Wedding Wager, The

Wedding Wager, The
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ISBN: 9780380818327Format: PaperbackSeries: RomanceAuthor: Maxwell, CathyAge Group: Adult
1st Edition

Equitainment's Comments

The lengths and the things you do, to get something you really just HAVE to have. Mary Gates cetainly does this, for a breeding stallion of very high quality. I found myself seeing the scenes as I was reading and nearly hearing the sparing between the two main characters Mary and Tye. Had a great chuckle of them chasing her trying to make her into a proper lady.


Product Overview

Headstrong Mary Gates longs to once again make the family stables the finest in England so she bids on the famous Spender stud.

The only way to pay for the beast is to marry, but her only prospect in the village is her equally headstrong neighbour and chief rival, Tye Barlow. Mary's been tempted by his masculine charms in the past, but she's determined not to give in to him now.

So Mary boldy goes to where the husbands are - London. She succeeds in taking the town by storm, but the marital prospects are uninspiring when compared to Tye.

He's followed her...and is clearly determined to thwart her plans at every turn. Still, she can't help but recall his protective embrace whenever they waltz across a ballroom, or dream of his tantalizing touch each time they kiss. And soon, Mary realizes she might have to take the greatest gamble of all...

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