I Am the Great Horse - HB

I Am the Great Horse - HB
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ISBN: 9781561642854Format: Hard BackSeries: History storyAuthor: Roberts, KatherineAge Group: Young Adult
1st Edition

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Through the eyes of a horse, history unfolds... I am Bucephalas, I am no Black Beauty, but a Stallion trained for war.

So speaks the steed of twelve-year-old Alexander; heir to the throne of Macedonia. From the moment the boy dares to sit on the horse's back, his fate is bound to the battle-scarred beast. When the young prince becomes king, Bucephalas helps his master mature into a conquering hero, and in a hard-won, nearly blind blaze of glory, the two gallop from northern Greece to the golden sands of Persia to the edge of the known world. At their side, always, is Charmeia, a determined stable girl with secrets of her own.

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