The Cisco Kid - 12 Episodes - Region 1 DVD

The Cisco Kid - 12 Episodes - Region 1 DVD


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ISBN: 16429Format: DVD 2 DiscsSeries: The Cisco KidRated: Rated For AllStarring: Duncan Renaldo & Leo CarilloRunning Time: Approx. 296 mins.Country of Origin: USADVD Region: No marked RegionAge Group: Family
High Blooper Content

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The show revolved around history's notorious Cisco Kid depicted on the series as being misunderstood by lawman who believed The Kid and his cohort to be criminals.

Because Cisco and his pal had the erroneous label of being desperadoes, the guilt for commiting various crimes was inevitably dumped upon them. The poor however, viewed the duo as heroes who always did the right thing when officers of the law, bound by red tape and delayed by slow moving wheels of justice, would not.

The 12 episodes are -
Medicine Flats
Railroad Land Rush
Big Switch
Convict Story
Oil Land
Counterfeit Money
Cattle Rustling
The Will
Cattle Quarantine
Renegade Son
False Marriage

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