Peter Lundy and the Medicine Hat Stallion - DVD Region 1

Peter Lundy and the Medicine Hat Stallion - DVD Region 1


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ISBN: 0551643Format: DVDRated: Not RatedStarring: Leif Garrett, Mitchell Ryan, Bibi Besch, John Anderson, Charles Tyner & John QuadeRunning Time: Approx. 97 mins.Country of Origin: USAAuthor: Henry, MargueriteDirector: Michael O'HerlihyYear Published: 1977DVD Region: 1Age Group: Family
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In 1978 was nominated for a Emmy in Outstanding Children's Special. This movie is based upon Marguerite Henry's book called San Domingo - The Medicine Hat Stallion and was filmed in New Mexico.

Many umm eerr over 30 year-olds would remember Leif Garret not only for his acting career but his singing as he was very popular. He has also played a part in the American Black Beauty Series in 2005.

It's interesting hearing the song the Wild Colonial Boy used in this movie.

Yes its added to my Horse Movie Collection.


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Living with his family in the Wild West, fifteen-year old Peter Lundy is kind-hearted and curious. After discovering that a shady trader has stolen horses from an Indian tribe, Peter returns the horses to the tribe's chief.

In gratitude, the chief gives Peter a pony as a reward. But when his father sells his horse, Peter embarks on a quest determined to find it and along the way joins the Pony Express and becomes the fastest courier that ever rode the plains.

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