Kentucky Heat

Kentucky Heat
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Code: KTY02ISBN: 9780821773680Format: PaperbackSeries: KentuckyCountry of Origin: USAAuthor: Michaels, FernAge Group: Adult

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To the world, Nealy Coleman Diamond looks unbreakable. Inside, her heart has shattered. Estranged from her daughter Emmie and son Nick, she struggles alone to build her racing stables into the best in Kentucky...

...and her prize foal Shufly into the horse of the century. When Hatch Littletree, her ex-husband's law partner, pays an unexpected visit, he brings Nealy much needed comfort. A tough Native American and a brilliant attorney, Hatch is determined to see Nealy heal the painful rift with her children. He's also a man Nealy cannot resist.

Raw with emotion, and yet filled with an unstopable energy, Nealy will face bitter disapointments, exhilaraiting triumps, and a night of bloodcurdling terror - one that could mean the end of her dreams...and maybe her life.

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