Free Horse

Free Horse
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Code: MM07ISBN: 9781552856086Format: PaperbackSeries: Mustang MountainCountry of Origin: USAAuthor: Siamon, SharonAge Group: Children 9+

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Meg hates to leave Mustang Mountain and Thomas, but it's time to go home. At the last minute Ruby Tucker, the owner of a neighbouring lodge, falls ill.

Meg and Thomas must help run the lodge and look after Ruby's rambunctious 10-year-old stepson, Tyler. Trouble starts when Tyler opens a gate and lets the ranch horses out.

Searching for the horses Thomas, discovers that someone is catching and selling wild horses. Could it be Tyler's brother Brett and his friends? A hailstorm hits and Thomas fails to return to the Lodge. Can Meg and Tyler find Thomas and save the wild horses?

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Children (Primary School Age)

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