Blaze of Silver - HB

Blaze of Silver - HB
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Code: BRH03ISBN: 9780802796257Format: Hard BackSeries: De Granville TrilogyAuthor: Grant, K. M.Age Group: Young Adults
1st Edition
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In the final chapter to this terrific series, a messanger arrives from the Holy Lands with the magnificent silver mare Shihab to deliver to Gavin. However, he has a secret agenda and plots to bring about the downfall of Kamil and the De Granvilles are caught in the cross-fire.

When the household travels to Germany with King Richards ransom, all comes very close to ending in disaster but, like any great tale, alls well that ends well.

I was bit sad to finish this series and I felt I got to know the people in the story so well. I did have one question at the end though. If Hosanna was such a magnificent stallion, who was prized by everyone who came in contact with him, why didn't he have a billion babies on the ground? It's not until right at the very end of the series that he even has one baby. It seemed a bit weird to me when the story was set in a time when great horses made or broke kingdoms.

Maybe there's an explanation, such as war horses weren't used for breeding because they would become unruly or something, but it did seem weird.

Jody xxxxxxxx

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Can a knight sacrifice everything he holds sacred in service to his king? King Richard is being held for ransom in Germany, and England is in chaos without a sovereign. The de Granvilles must deliver the treasure that will win their King’s freedom.

But the Old Man of the Mountain, leader of the Assassins, is ready to take his revenge on Kamil. To do so he will orchestrate a great betrayal, and his tentacles of treachery reach far and deep. Kamil is determined to prevail—the Old Man must not win. But when all trust has been shattered, who can he turn to for help?

The fate of a king, the bonds of a friendship, and the depth of an enduring love will all be in jeopardy as Will, Ellie, Kamil, and Hosanna face the ultimate loyalty test, and their final battle.

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