Ride a Dancing Horse

Ride a Dancing Horse
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ISBN: 9781592798445Format: PaperbackSeries: RomanceAuthor: Watkins, EileenAge Group: Adult

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Soon after Kelly Sheridan takes a job at Rancho Villaneuva, which breeds and trains show horses, the ranch suffers a series of disasters.

First, someone poisons the hay. Then the stallion barn catches fire. The owner, Diego, accuses Kelly of sabotage. To clear her name and save her job, Kelly must help him find the real culprit.

Could it be a rival breeder? Kelly's jealous ex-boyfriend? A sexy female rancher who wants Diego? A resort owner who wants the property? A fired employee carrying a grudge?

Exploring these angles, Kelly and Diego begin to suspect the recent death of his wife may not have been accidental, either, part of the same cruel plan. Which means the next victim could be human...

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