Raining Sardines - HB

Raining Sardines - HB
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ISBN: 9781596431669Format: Hard BackAuthor: Flores-Galbis, EnriqueAge Group: Children
1st Edition

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In his debut novel of pre-revolutionary Cuba, Enrique Flores-Galbis entwines humour and absurdity in the lyricism of Magic Realism.

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A mysterious woman floating in the bay on a couch, a steaming teapot balanced in her lap, a strange medallion at her neck. Sardines rain from the sky.

And hidden in the lush green heart of the mountain, deep in a crystal pool guarded by a mighty cayman with a golden chain around his neck...a cursed treasure lies long concealed.

Wealthy landowner Don Rigol practically owns the town, is the chief employer of its inhabitants, and now claims to own the nearby mountain as well. To expand his coffee plantation, he plans to lay waste the mountain jungle and the secret valley where the ancient breed of Paso Fino horses roams wild.

Can best friends Enriquito and Ernestina find a way to save the ponies, ensure justice at a trumped-up trial, and reclaim the mountian for their people?

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Children (Primary School Age)

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