Chestnut - HB

Chestnut - HB
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ISBN: 9781561453214Format: Hard BackSeries: Picture BookAuthor: McGeorge, Constance W.Age Group: Picture Book - First Readers
1st Edition

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A long time ago, in a city by the sea, there lived a horse named Chestnut. Chestnut works for Mr. Decker, pulling a delivery wagon.

Every day, people wait eagerly for Mr. Decker and Chestnut to arrive. Early one morning, Mr. Decker hitches Chestnut to the wagon and fills it with packages for an important birthday party.

Today is the Birthday of Jenny, the Mayor's daughter. Exhausted, Mr. Decker sits down to rest for just a minute... and falls fast asleep.

How will the baker get the flour to make Jenny's birthday cake? How will the dressmaker get the bow to finish Jenny's Birthday bonnet? How will Jenny get her birthday presents? Mr. Decker's devoted and resourceful horse Chestnut finds a way.

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