Legends Lake

Legends Lake
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ISBN: 9780671786175Format: PaperbackSeries: RomanceAuthor: Ross, JoannAge Group: Adult

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I got hooked on the cover, I can imagine it in a big frame on a wall in my home, then I read the back and I just had to read it. Glad I did. It's a book that will give you a few hours of complete get away, romance, horses, family hardships and a touch of Irish myth and being fey.


Product Overview

In the exclusive world of horse racing, Alec MacKenna is known as a hardheaded trainer who cares more for an animal's welfare than the financial bottom line.

After a public altercation with a callous owner leaves his career on the brink or ruin, Alec's only chance for redemption is Legends Lake, a thoroughbred with Triple Crown potential and a dangerous problem that could end both of their careers.

Alec escorts the colt from the bluegrass hills of Kentucky to the emerald pastures of Ireland to meet the woman who bred him, in hopes that she may have the answers that will save them.

Kate O'Sullivan is happy to see her beloved horse come home, even under such disturbing circumstances. In spite of the irascible Yank who came with him, she has a feeling that something in her life is about to change forever.

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