Starlight Shines For Miranda

Starlight Shines For Miranda
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Code: STR05ISBN: 9780971416154Format: PaperbackSeries: StarlightCountry of Origin: USAAuthor: Hill, Janet MuirheadAge Group: Children
1st Edition
Award Winner

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Award Winner! "Best Books 2004".

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The bond of love between the black stallion, Starlight, and the twelve-year-old Miranda Stevens becomes very apparent in this fast-paced volume.

A forced separation between Miranda and Starlight cause both the girl and the horse to go "off their feed", taking a toll on their health.

The well-laid plans of Mr. Taylor, the crotchety owner of Shady Hills Horse Ranch, are in jepordy until Starlight and Miranda are reunited and pitted against the clock in an effort to save Mr. Taylor from financial ruin.

Many surprise adventures are interwovan into the wholesome story. Children identify with Miranda, Laurie and Christopher; characters who face many contempory challenges that have no easy answers.

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