Green Jasper - HB

Green Jasper - HB
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Code: BRH02ISBN: 9780802780737Format: Hard BackSeries: The De Granville TrilogyAuthor: Grant, K.M.Age Group: Young Adults
1st Edition
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This episode is very much like Robin Hood and the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham. Ellie is taken prisoner by the evil Constable De Scabious who threatens to force her to marry him. Both the brothers try to save her in their own way, but it leaves them both angry and bitter.

Hosanna, the magnificent red stallion, adds his calm strength and wisdom to the situation and all is saved. Well, kind of saved, anyway ......

I really do love this series and I'm sure all history lovers and those who just want a rollicking good yarn will too. Highly recommended :-)

Jody xxxx

Product Overview

It is Foolish to think that one boy and a blood red horse can save a fair maiden and the throne of England? Will and Grant De Granville have come back from the Crusade older, braver, and definately wiser.

Ellie has been longing for their return. But they've changed. And home is almost as dangerous as the war they've just left.

The king is missing. The country is in turmoil. And some men would do anything for power. What will two brothers risk for the woman they both love and the king they have both sworn to protect and serve?

In the second book of the De Granville trilogy, will and Gavin find their family and all of England in serious peril.

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