Blood Red Horse

Blood Red Horse


Book 1 in a set of 3.
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Code: BRH01ISBN: 9780802777348Format: SoftcoverSeries: De Granville TrilogyAuthor: Grant, K.M.Age Group: Young Adults
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If you're a lover of historical fiction, then you will really enjoy this series of three books. Set in the time of King Richard the Lion Heart, it follows two brothers as they join the crusades in the Holy Lands, in an effort to recapture Jerusalim from the mighty Muslim leader Saladin.

The story centres around the brothers Gavin and Will, their distant cousin Ellie and a great chestnut stallion named Hosanna, who touches the lives of everyone who comes in contact with him.

Great for teenagers and adults alike and highly recommended.

Jody xxx

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Will has a horse, a small chestnut stallion with a white blaze on his brow. Ellie is a fair maiden, but she's supposed to marry Will's older brother, Gavin. And as for a cause, King Richard is calling for a Crusade.

The Knights of England must go to the Holy Land to fight. Will and Gavin will go. Blood will be shed. Lives will be taken. But through it all, two things will be constant Ellie, and a blood red horse called Hosanna.

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