The Winter Stallion - Region 1 (NTSC) DVD

The Winter Stallion - Region 1 (NTSC) DVD


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ISBN: DVWSTALLFormat: DVDSeries: Horse movieRated: Family ApprovedStarring: Sian MacLean, Daniel J. Travanti, Dafydd HywelRunning Time: Aprox. 94 minsCountry of Origin: UKDirector: Peter EdwardsYear Published: 1992DVD Region: 1 NTSCAge Group: Family
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This movie has also been called The Christmas Stallion, there is a cute scene of the Christmas race that is hilarious, the horse on the outside was doing a grand job in the race. I have never seen so much mud and puddles, the actors must have spent most of their time either freezing or wet and up to their ankles in mud.

Loved the black stallion, oh yes and I WISH all my foals' births would be as easy as that hahaha.


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Gwen Davies, a 16 yr orphan, has lived all her life on her grandfather's farm in Wales. Her love for him and the magnificent horses they raise is her entire life. She is devastated by her grandfather's death........

To lose him and learn that she may be forced to sell the farm. She is considered far too young to make her own decisions about her future.

Under the terms of her grandfather's will, those decisions lie in the hands of her Uncle Alan who hasn't been home in twenty years.

Will Gwen be able to keep the farm and the horses? Christmas is approaching, the season of joy and the promise of new beginnings...

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