Derby Stallion, The - DVD

Derby Stallion, The - DVD


Starring Zac Efron.
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ISBN: DVSTALLFormat: DVDSeries: Horse movieRated: PGStarring: Zac Efron, Bill Cobbs, William R MosesRunning Time: 100 MinsCountry of Origin: USADirector: Craig ClydeYear Published: 2005DVD Region: 4Age Group: Family
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A heart warming, feel good family movie - a good little film - good value for money. Love a few sayings from the movie such as "It takes two things to become a champion, a winner's spirit and a winner's heart," and "it's like having wings, only way to describe it, your part of the animal..."

(TV blooper - there are a few Rusty the horse, notice at first he has four white stockings and then at one stage has near on bay legs, oh and the face markings differ)


Product Overview

Patrick a fifteen year old boy, doesn't know what he wants to do with his life. With pressure piling up from his father, an ex-professional baseball player, Patrick searches for his own identity.

Houston Jones a misunderstood horse trainer whose sad and lonely past has given him an undesirable yet undeserved reputation, opens the door to the world of steeplechase racing to Patrick.

Although Houston's reputation concerns his family, Patrick convinces his mum and dad to give him a chance to train with Houston - not only to ride steeplechase, but to compete in the famous Derby Cup.

Just when Patrick's friends and family begin to embrace Houston, bringing laughter and joy back into his world and theirs, something unthinkable happens ....

Can Patrick prevail against all odds to become the champion that lies within? Will he find the faith to follow his dream? Where will he get his strength?

The answer lies in the heart of a boy and the soul of a champion.

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