Tim the Tiny Horse - HB

Tim the Tiny Horse - HB
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ISBN: 9780571229550Format: HardbackAuthor: Hill, HarryAge Group: Picture book - First Readers
1st Edition
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This book in a most unusual format, quite unlike anything I've ever seen before. It looks like a standard hard-covered children's book, however the stories are hand-written and very simple... almost like a comic book style! I absolutely love it and I'm sure the littlies will too.

Don't forget it is a first edition so will become a collectible of the future. Make sure you keep it in good order, including the dust jacket, and it may well be valuable in years to come.

Jody xxxx

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We don't know his breed or where he came from, all we really know is his size. Small. Very small, in fact if you think of a match box and halve it, then halve it again - got that?

That's about how big he is. Ever see a horse like that? No? Maybe you're not looking hard enough or maybe Tim the Tiny Horse is a one off. Perhaps he's the result of global warming or some crazy mutation, we'll probably never know, but for the time being let's just accept the fact that he's here and enjoy his adventures.

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