My Pony Stables - PC Game

My Pony Stables - PC Game
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ISBN: PCMPSTAFormat: PC CDSeries: Horse GamesRated: GAge Group: Family

Equitainment's Comments

My Pony Stables, has hours of entertaining Children, Young Adults and the Adults that are young at heart that want to own their very own stables, guest houses, farm, training track, breeding etc.

Its not the standard of the whizz bang X boxes and playstation games, its special in its own way, you dont need to use a lot of keys so even us not so big gamers can have a ball.

Its cute the way you have to build up trust between you and your horse in this game.

Product Overview

Ride for fun on the beach, in the woods, or in the town.

Buy and breed horses.

Make friends for life! Care for your horse and gain their trust.

Build your stables, develop your pastures, build guest-houses and more.

Expand your business. Advertise, hire help, train your horses and go to tournaments.

Grow rich as you win tournaments, the rewards will surprise you.

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