Danielle Steel's Palomino - DVD

Danielle Steel's Palomino - DVD
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ISBN: DVDSPALOFormat: DVDSeries: RomanceRated: PGStarring: Lindsay Frost, Rod Taylor, Lee Horsley, Beau Gravitte, Eva Marie SaintRunning Time: 100 MinsCountry of Origin: USAAuthor: Steele, DanielleDirector: Michael MillerYear Published: 1991DVD Region: All RegionAge Group: Adult
Warning: Tissues Required

Equitainment's Comments

If you love Danielle's books, a romance movie with horses, a ranch, oh and some well earned R & R , maybe a girlie night, this is, as the guys would say a "chick flick".

I have seen this one a couple of times, and I wouldnt say no to kicking back and watching it again sometime.

Product Overview

A steamy love story set in the breathtaking far West focuses on Samantha Taylor.... a talented and sensitive woman who has everything to live for until her husband walks out.

Then her life begins to change dramatically. Forced to take leave from work, this successful photographer winds up at a California horse ranch owned by a dear friend, Caroline Lord. There Samantha meets and falls in love with Tate Jordan, but Tate can't accept the fact that someone as successful as Samantha could love a lowly ranch hand, so he leaves her too.

Samantha returns to New York where she becomes immersed in work, attempting to drown her sorrows. Then, on a photo shoot, she carelessly decides to ride a wild horse. She is thrown and the horrible fall leaves her partially paralysed.

Now confined to a wheelchair, Samantha returns to the ranch where fate brings handsome Tate back into her life. The two now older and wiser, must decide if they are really meant for each other.

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