My Little Pony - The Runaway Rainbow - GameBoy Advance

My Little Pony - The Runaway Rainbow - GameBoy Advance
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ISBN: GAMLPTRRFormat: Gameboy AdvanceSeries: My Little PonyRated: GAge Group: Children

Equitainment's Comments

Cute and colourful, this will while away a few good hours for the littlies. They can save the game and come back to it when they want to to continue in their quest for the new rainbow that Rarity needs to get home for. My Little Pony Friends talks and giggles the children through the game, lots of colour and different little levels of games to play throughout.


Product Overview

Everyone in Unicornia is celebrating the season's first rainbow when Rarity the Unicorn accidentally transports herself to Breezie Blossom. Bring her home for the rainbow celebration.

Meet all of the Ponies and Breezies as you follow the story of the newest My Little Pony DVD movie.

Play 14 fun mini-games throughout your adventures, including memory matching, dress up games and more!

Explore 5 exciting levels in Breezie Blossom, Ponyville and Unicornia.

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