Horsez - PS2 Game

Horsez - PS2 Game
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ISBN: P2HORFormat: Playstation 2Series: Horse GameRated: GAge Group: Family
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If I can play this game being not so literate in the gaming side of things then anyone can play this game. Though when I first started it, it took ages to find the girl. I picked the least difficult level thats not so much against the clock and had a ball. Really liked doing the adventure in between the training and the competitions. I did get tired of having to clean the horse though and did the barest of minimum for that part.

Play it alone or play with friends, it can be frustrating at times, if you need help there is always the internet to find it. Love the scenery, picking and chosing your horse and earning the tokens so you can change the clothes on your rider and gear on your horse. and the foal is cute!!


Product Overview

Congratulations! You have been selected to attend the prestigious Sycamores Riding School in Scotland.

Discover school life with other passionate students and compete against them to become the next champion.

*Train and ride your horse using the touch screen to become a champion.
*Look after and raise your own pony.
*Use the stylus to feed, groom and play with it.
*Share it with your friends via DS wireless communication.

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