Hidalgo - DVD

Hidalgo - DVD
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ISBN: DVHIDAFormat: DVDRated: MStarring: Viggio Mortensen, Omar SharifRunning Time: 131 MinsCountry of Origin: USADirector: Joe JohnstonYear Published: 2004DVD Region: 4Age Group: Adult
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Equitainment's Comments

Terrific for all the family with an action packed story, and a movie all the blokes I know have thoroughly enjoyed.

It also has the added attraction of starring Viggo Mortensen, a big favourite amongst the younger ladies, and Omar Shariff, a favourite with the more mature. I've got a crush on both so I wonder where that leaves me :-)

Jody xxx

Product Overview

Filled with heroic action, incredible special effects, stunning cinematography, HIDALGO is the epic adventure that brings to life legendary Frank T Hopkins (Viggo Mortensen), the greatest long distance rider ever, and his beloved mustang Hidalgo.

With his glory days long past, Hopkins is invited to enter the Ocean of Fire, a death-defying 3,000 mile race across the Arabian Desert.

Pitted against the finest Arabian horses and villainous competitors vowing victory at all costs, this race for extraordinary riches becomes a race for their very lives.

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