The Silver Brumby - DVD

The Silver Brumby - DVD
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Code: SBISBN: DVSBRUMFormat: DVDSeries: Silver BrumbyRated: GStarring: Russel Crowe, Caroline Goodall, Ami DaemionRunning Time: 91 MinsCountry of Origin: AustDirector: John TatoulisYear Published: 1992DVD Region: 4Age Group: Family
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Equitainment's Comments

The timeless Aussie classic is brought to the big screen starring the now international superstar of Russell Crowe.

It features the most breathe-taking of scenery with a great story for firing up the imagination as it can be quite whimsical at times, so it is left open to your own interpretation and fantasies in many places.

All in all, one of the essentials for your library and please include it, if you don't already have it, as it may well be discontinued soon and heavens knows when it will get a re-print again.

Jody xxx

Product Overview

A writer living in Victoria, Australia, recounts to her young daughter the story of Thowra, a beautiful, wild stallion that roams the countryside free of man's dominance.

A cattleman, known as the Man, becomes obsessed with taming the silver brumby, and the girl becomes engrossed in what she believes is a fictional tale of man vs. beast.

She later learns that the story is real, and that the battle between Thowra and the Man is heading toward a tragic conclusion. Starring: Academy Award ® winning actor Russell Crowe & Caroline Goodall.

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