The Young Black Stallion - Region 2 (PAL) DVD

The Young Black Stallion - Region 2 (PAL) DVD


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Code: BSISBN: DVYBSTAFormat: PALSeries: Black StallionRated: GStarring: Richard Romanus, Dianna TammiRunning Time: 48 MinsCountry of Origin: USADirector: Simon WincerYear Published: 2003DVD Region: 2Age Group: Family

Equitainment's Comments

This is a prequel to the original Black Stallion series and covers The Black's life before he meet Alex Ramsey.

It's written by the orginial author Walter Farleys' son, Stephen, and directed by Australian Director Simon Wincer, who has made several horse related movies.

Jody xx

Product Overview

Experience the spectacular prequel to a family favourite, The Black Stallion stunningly filmed to tell a powerful story of friendship.

When a young girl, Neera, is lost in the desert, she meets a remarkably fast and wild black colt. They bond and find their way back home, only to realise her grandfather's horse-breeding days are over.

Neera decides to enter a gruelling horse race against fearsome opponents to restore her grandfather's reputation. But she must risk losing her best friend, the young black stallion.

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