Navaho Joe

Navaho Joe
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Code: HHMR07ISBN: 0340757272Format: SoftcoverSeries: Horses of Half Moon RanchCountry of Origin: USAAuthor: Oldfield, JennyAge Group: Children

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Storms, floods and earth tremors are all facts of life in this wild terrain, and at times the landscape itself proves the enemy to the horses and riders.

A mystery horse has appeared on Eagle's Peak. He's the perfect Native American mustang - strong, athletic, willful... And lost!

Kirstie names the beautiful Appaloosa Joe. But her attempts to tempt him down to Half-Moon Ranch fail. When two strangers turn up claiming ownership, Kirstie should be relieved; with winter closing in, Joe surely won't survive much longer out on the peak.

But somehow she doesn't trust the strangers - and nor, it seems, does Joe...

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Children (Primary School Age)

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