Quicksand Pony - Audio Cassettes

Quicksand Pony - Audio Cassettes
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ISBN: 0642555273Format: Audio Cassette Tapes 2Country of Origin: AustraliaAuthor: Lester, AlisonAge Group: Children
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This is such a sweet story. It doesn't feature horses and ponies from beginning to end but Bella, the star of the story, certainly has a major impact. I was taken away to the wild coastal country where the story is set, and could even smell the salt spray from the sea as I read in some parts!

It's a lovely story and one to really fire up the imaginations of children. I was longing to see the caves and valleys where Joe and his mother lived myself, although I really didn't like the sound of the cold weather ..... eeccckkk.

Jody xxx


Product Overview

Biddy, I'm sorry, we're going to have to leave her. ' 'What?' Biddy struggles out of the quicksand. 'You can't leave her! The tide's coming in. She'll drown!'

But the pony is trapped and Biddy is forced to go on without her. The next day the only signs of Bella area hoof prints in the sand with small footprints and the paw marks of a dog.

Who has rescued Bella? Who could be so small and be alone on this remote beach? Biddy's search takes her into wild secret country where she discovers the truth about a mysterious disappearance that happened many years ago.

Alison Lester's picture books are loved by families around the world. In this gripping adventure story, set in the Australian bush she knows so well, she comes into her own as a writer and a born storyteller.


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