Diddakoi, The

Diddakoi, The
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Code: RGISBN: 0330398687Author: Godden, RummerAge Group: Children
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Equitainment's Comments

This book is just so beautiful. It's probably aimed at the 8 to 12 year olds, but I've read it and freely admit I howled the whole way through.

The main character, Kizzy, is orphaned and gets a very tough time from all and sundry, but makes friends with a group of confirmed old batchelors, who are so sweet they just melt your heart. And the middle-aged spinster whom the courts award custody of Kizzy, is just a champion. She has given up so much in her life to support those around her, and never mutters a murmer of loss or regret.

I don't want to give away too much of the story, but it is delightful from beginning to end. I bet all the mum's out there who sneak a read, will be crying just as much as I did, but possibly there are some deeper under-currents that the children may not see.

A gorgeous book for all ages!!!

Jody xxx

Product Overview

Kizzy is a Diddakoi, half-Gypsy. The bullies at school might hate her for it, but Kizzy's proud of her gypsy blood. And anyway, she's got Gran and her beloved horse Joe.

Then Gran dies and suddenly Kizzy is alone in the world. Nobody wants her, yet everyone thinks they know what's best. They don't believe she can go on looking after Joe.

But Kizzy won't give up - not without a fight ...

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