No Small Thing - PB

No Small Thing - PB
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ISBN: 0763624225Series: Horse bookAuthor: Ghent, NatalieAge Group: Young Adult

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When twelve-year-old Nathaniel and his two sisters discover an ad in the paper for a free pony, they can hardly believe their luck.

But Mum's been having a hard time ever since Dad walked out on them four years ago and takes some convincing to add a pony to her responsibilities.

Eventually she relents and so begins a year of self-discovery, as Nat struggles to deal with his father's absence; look out for his younger sister, who is "different"; and recover from having his heart broken by a rich, pretty girl from school.

Life is not always easy, but Nat knows that Smokey, his very own pony, will be waiting for him at the end of each day. Or will he?

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