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Horse Racing Manager 2 - PC Game

Horse Racing Manager 2 - PC Game
Catalogue No: PCHRM2
Format: CD-ROM
Category: Horse Computer Games
Price: $49.95  AUD
$44.96 AUD (Outside Aust)

Availability: Discontinued


From the Publisher

Discover all the magic of horse racing in this unique sports management game!

Whether you choose to play as a stable owner, jockey or betting man, Horse Racing Manager 2 offers you the very best of horse racing and stable management with unrivalled realism!

*3 seperate ways of betting
*A complete sports management game
*Take part in 3 types of races - flat, hurdles and trotting.
*25 different race courses
*Betting methods that comply with the Tote and Bookmaker betting systems
*You can play on your own or with several players
*Horse publisher included to personalise the characteristics of your stud.