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1915 - Classic Drama - DVD **This Product No Longer Available

1915 - Classic Drama - DVD **This Product No Longer Available
Catalogue No: DV1915
Format: DVD
Age Group: Adult
Starring: Scott Burgess, Scott McGregor & Sigrid Thorton
Year of Movie: 1982
Series Info: 1915
Running Time: 350 Mins
DVD Region: 4
Author: Roger McDonald
Category: Australiana TV Mini Series
Rating: M - Moderate violence, Moderate sex scene
Origin: Australia
Price: $22.95  AUD
$20.66 AUD (Outside Aust)

Availability: Out of Print
Award Winner
Aussie Product


From the Publisher

This classic award-winning seven-part drama originally screened to critical acclaim in 1982. Written by Peter Yeldham, the serial is based on the novel by award-winning writer, Roger McDonald.

World War 1 was the first time Australia went into battle as a federated country and the troops were keen to prove themselves to Britain and establish a true national identity.

The onset of war interrupts the lives of Walter Gilchrist and Billy Mackenzie, young men who have been friends since childhood. Billy and Walter form a pact: if one enlists, so will the other.

The drama that unfolds involves both Walter and Billy's experiences fighting at Gallipoli and the problems and anxiety faced by their families and lovers, as they struggle to cope at home.


Equitainment Comments

This series came out on the telly right when Sigrid Thornton was at the height of her popularity. I remember being quite shattered by the dramas at the time, it remains one of my favourite Aussie TV series.

Jody xxx