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DF04: Odds Against - HB

DF04:  Odds Against - HB
Catalogue No: 071813091X
Age Group: Adult
Series Info: A Dick Francis Thriller
Author: Dick Francis
Category: Mystery
Price: $45.95  AUD
$41.36 AUD (Outside Aust)

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Website: http://www.dickfrancis.com/site/DIFR/Templates/Home.aspx?pageid=3&cc=GB
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From the Publisher

Originally published in 1962, Odds Against was the fourth of Dick Franis's best selling thirllers. Full of suspense and danger, it makes compulsive reading.

Ex-champion steeplechase jockey Sid Halley (who also appears in Whip and Come to Grief) is the sleuth and hero of Odds Against.

As the story opens he has just been shot in the stomach during the course of his duties as a private investigator, working or, rather, idling in a firm which keeps him employed, thanks to the old-boy network.

Convalescing with indecent and painful haste, Sid finds the pace growing steadily hotter as he investigates the cunningly contrived decline of a racecourse, and comes to close and spine-chilling grips with the crooks responsible.