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History of Horseracing

History of Horseracing
Catalogue No: 9780750946940
Format: Softcover
Age Group: Adult
Series Info: Horseracing
Author: David Myers
Category: Coffee Table Books
Pages: 159
Size (in cm): 24 x 28
Price: $55.00  AUD
$49.50 AUD (Outside Aust)

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1st Edition
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From the Publisher

Horseracing has stood the test of time as a great sporting spectacle, with the capacity to stir deep emotions in the enthusiast. It remains as popular now as it was over 400 years ago, when the first official meeting took place in Britain.

This book offers the chance to ride in racing's very own time machine, visiting the most significant points in its long history.

Revealed are the most picturesque venues, richest races, oldest racecourses, greatest battles, famous horses and shrewdest trainers. The Grand National, Cheltenham, Red Rum, Shegar, Lester Piggott, Frankie Dettori, to name but a few. The recent growth of internet betting is another subject woven into racing's colourful tapestry. It is a must read for any horse racing enthusiast.