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7 Dec 2010

Sydney Jumping Championships

7 Dec 2010
Despite the big wet that NSW and much of the east coast are currently suffering, the Sydney Jumping Championships went ahead on December 5th and 6th, and were a great success.

Equitainment sponsored the entire Ring 4 which was dedicated to all the amateur riders, and everyone had a ball. I had big, bright sashes that matched the Equitainment logo colours made for each class winner, plus a very loud Equitainment cap, which looked terrific.

Unfortunately I was busy for most of the show so I didn't get much of a chance to watch the classes, but all the feedback I had was that it was a terrific two days of fun and competition.

Two of showjumpings' most tireless supporters and workers Bob and Joyce Brooks officiated over the event, and I'm sure that not only myself but all the competitors on the day would like to thank them for the effort they made. An extra thank you must go to Joyce who decorated all the jumps with some very festive Christmas trees.

12 year old Riley MacKillop had a brilliant show, sweeping all who came before him in nearly every event! He was kind enough to send me some lovely photos of himself and one of his winning ponies beautifully modelling his Equitainment cap. I think he might start a new trend!

All in all, it was a terrific weekend and I'm looking forward to supporting the amatuers again next year.

Jody xxxxxxxxxxxx

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