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8 Sep 2010


8 Sep 2010
There is lots of great news for all the fans of the Heartland TV series.

Season 4 is about to be shown in Canada this month, Season 5 is currently in production and a TV movie has just been completed with a working title of "A Heartland Christmas". This movie will be shown on air in Canada this December, and hopefully we will get it here in Australia then too!

It features all the regular cast members, whose Christmas gathering is interrupted when an avalanche traps a herd of wild horses in the wilderness. Naturally Amy, Ty and Co head straight out on a rescue mission.

This hugely successful show has a following of about 1 million viewers per episode when it's shown in Canada, and has just been nationally syndicated in the USA.

With an ever-growing fan base (such as we Aussies) I'm sure the show will stay in production for quite a while to come yet.

Jody xxx

PS The official Heartland website has now been updated and is worth a look, although there are no downloads for fans and we Australians are blocked from viewing the previous episodes.

Nevertheless, there is a preview trailer for Season 4, which is worth having a look at. I couldn't find it on You Tube, but it's easy to find on the Heartland website.


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